All the coaching participants of the 2015 spring ICC
All the coaching participants of the 2015 spring ICC

The first of two Coaching Certification Clinics hosted by the Barbados Olympic Association Inc in collaboration with the Coaching Association of Canada will open this Friday at the Barbados Olympic Centre

Thirty local coaches have enrolled in the Clinic which will start at 3.00pm under the leadership of Canadian Coach Ron Weese.

The goal of the Certification Clinics is to give local coaches a pathway to certification, which can then be used to improve their level of coaching skills as they work with our athletes in their preparation for local and international sport events. The Clinic will continue on Saturday and finish on Sunday.

The second Coaching Clinic is scheduled for January 29 – 31 at the Wildey Gymnasium. This Clinic is already fully subscribed and will be conducted by two Canadian Instructors. This Level 2 Certification Clinic will be following on from the two Clinics which were held in June and July last year.

Over 100 local coaches have been trained as a result of the two clinics which were held in 2015, and the 2016 Clinics will capitalise on the momentum which has been created in this initiative.

It is expected that additional Clinics will be held throughout this year in an effort to provide further training for the coaches.

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