The Barbados Olympic Association Inc. on Tuesday unveiled a new feature to its museum.  Some of its exhibits will now use Augment It Media or AIM thanks to Riveting Media Inc. AIM is a mobile application that brings museums to life! It allows visitors to be their own tour guide exploring museums through various technologies that reveal unique, 3D and augmented reality experiences. Here are some of the highlights of its announcement:

Director of The National Olympic Academy, Vaneisha Cadogan was proud to launch the new AIM feature in the Olympic Museum. She expressed that integrating such modern technologies will help create a fun, immersive and interactive experience for all to enjoy.
BOA Projects Officer, Ryan Brathwaite gave students and members of the media a live demonstration of how to use the augmented reality AIM technology in the Olympic Museum.
Students of the Charles F. Broome Memorial School trying out the new AIM technology as they toured the Olympic Museum.

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