CACSO Will Create a Digital Communication Network for the Region

The Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (CACSO) announced the creation of a digital communication network for the region that includes a newscast with co-managers in all the countries in the area.

The announcement made by the President of CACSO Luis Mejia Oviedo, within the framework of the celebration of the first virtual meeting held this Thursday night with Communications Directors and Social Network Managers of the CACSO member Olympic Committees.

“We want to create a channel to guarantee that the (sports) activities of all countries are publicized,” said Mejia Oviedo with enthusiasm, who also announced that the next meeting would include representatives of the South American countries, as well as a member of the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

In his opening words of the virtual meeting held by the “Zoom” platform, Mejia Oviedo insisted, “With your support we will form the Central American and Caribbean communications network that will be extensive throughout the Americas and the world”.

The, also IOC member, reiterated that we are in times of integration and in the digital age, pointing out the importance of harnessing the potential of each NOC to achieve that purpose.

At the meeting coordinated by Carla Alonso from (Puerto Rico), Jupiter Rivera and Richard Bazil (Dominican Republic), Eduardo Álvarez, Secretary General of CACSO (Venezuela) also spoke, calling the meeting “innovative”.

“Social networks are the salvation of communication,” he said, to indicate that social networks have become the only form of communication in these times of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the meeting that lasted almost two hours, several exhibitors from various countries participated, presenting the advances that the communication systems of their respective NOCs have experienced, especially in relation to social networks.

Alejandro Goycoolea, head of communications for Panam Sports, an organization that has made a breakthrough in communications, was one of the speakers.

Also participating were Juan Villaverde, from Panama; Pamala Proverbs, Barbados; Sofia Fay, British Virgin Islands; Ramón Rodríguez and Richard Bazil, for the Dominican Republic; Melanie Culston and Tania Burnett, Trinidad and Tobago; and Juan Guerra, Venezuela.