The Barbados Olympic Association Inc.


About Archery

The Barbados Archery Association was formed in November 1996, and was later renamed the Barbados Archery Association, and is now known as World Archery of Barbados. It is the governing body of Archery on the island.

There are several competitions throughout the year, including the popular 720. Other formats include Club Round which features a round-robin elimination, field archery, clout archery and indoor archery.

World Archery of Barbados

Telephone Number: (246) 266-5940
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Mailing Address: P.O.Box 391G St. George Post Office, St. George, BARBADOS
Web Address:
Facebook: World Archery of Barbados
President: Veronica Laurie
Telephone: (246)-232-2984 (M)
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Regional/International delegate:

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