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About Bridge

Founded in 1965, the Barbados Bridge League has a long tradition on Barbados.

Some years ago, the major Bridge Clubs on the Island joined together to form the Barbados Bridge League. The League has been able to employ the joint resources of the member Bridge Clubs to provide a dedicated Bridge Club building and modern computer dealing and scoring technology. It attracts the best players on the Island and yet retains the air of laid-back friendliness for which Barbados is famous. Jimmy Cozier was a club member who had the vision of such a league and the Bridge Club building is named after him.


Organisation: Barbados Bridge League
Telephone Number: (246) 548-7076 or 427-4839
Fax Number: (246) 426-6004
Address:23 Pine Road, St. Michael
Mailing Address: Jimmy Cozier, Bridge Centre, 23 Pine Road, St. Michael, Barbados
Web Address:
Facebook: Barbados Bridge League Inc
President (Primary contact): Mrs. Roglyn Hinds
Telephone (Primary Contact): (246) 231-0149 / (246) 429-0916
Email (Primary Contact):
Secretary (Second contact): Ms. Sian Lange
Telephone (Second contact): (246) 571-9576 / (246) 238-6452
Email (Second contact):
Regional/International Delegate: Mrs. Roglyn Hinds: 2nd vice-president CAC Bridge Federation

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