Mona Alleyne – Director

Ms. Alleyne joined the Board of the BOA in May of 2011.  Formerly a Physical Education teacher at the Princess Margaret Secondary School, she has been a sports administrator for over 35 years, across the disciplines of netball at the local and regional level and track and field at the local level in the position as Secretary of the Barbados Secondary Athletics Championships (BSSAC) – 1992-1998.

As a founding member of the Barbados Association of Netball Umpires (BANU) 2001, Mona has been the first and only President.

With her knowledge of Spanish, Ms. Alleyne assisted the BOA as Assistant Chef de Mission on numerous CAC Games to Venezuela, El Salvador, Colombia and Puerto Rico.

Additionally, Ms. Alleyne served on the Board of the National Sports Council between 1994 and 1998 and was subsequently appointed Assistant Director of Sport in 1998, a position she presently holds.