testSport is much too powerful a social tool to be excluded from our Nation’s 50th anniversary celebrations. The Barbados Olympic Association Inc. is therefore happy to join with National Sports Federations who are able to do so, to create the BOA 50th Anniversary Independence Games.

The Games are intended to highlight the best of local sporting talent—both on the field, and in the administrative and coaching areas. They are also designed to expose Barbadian sports fans to live high-level competition between our best home based sporting talents.

It is the intent of the BOA to make this into a regular multi-sport event at Independence and to create opportunities for Corporate Barbados to invest in sport through sponsorship and partnership in the events. The BOA will take responsibility for the quality of the event and minimum qualification standards will be implemented both for the athletes and for the administration and presentation of the competitions.

The BOA will be responsible for the overall management and organization of the Games and for final disciplinary control.

All competitions will be under the management and technical control of the relevant National Sport Federation. The National Sport Federations will be responsible for venues and equipment.

The Competition rules must be submitted to the BOA’s organizing committee before September 30, 2016. There will be two different aspects to the Games. Beach games, featuring Beach Volleyball, Fencing, Handball, Kayaking, Open Water Swimming, Orienteering, Sailing and Surfing, and the traditional games of Badminton, Boxing, Cycling, Judo, Netball, Rugby Sevens, Swimming, Table Tennis and Weightlifting.
Sponsors have the opportunity to op-in for all sports or to sponsor only the Beach Games or even a particular sport. Sponsorship packages are flexible and can be tailored to the individual sponsor needs.

President’s Message

It is with a degree of nostalgia that the Barbados Olympic Association has agreed to host these 50th anniversary Independence Games.

Some years ago, a similar regional exercise resulted in a memorable experience for us when Barbados hosted four small regional teams over two weekends to execute similar games.

I have every confidence that this will be a very memorable experience for all athletes involved, for the various sport administrators and probably most critically, for the sporting public who have not enjoyed the opportunity to experience such a festival now for many years.

Congratulations to those Board members who have taken up the challenge to bring this idea to fruition, and thanks to IOC member Sir Austin Sealy who encouraged the Board to pursue the initiative.

On behalf of my Board, I encourage everyone involved in executing this project to put their very best foot forward, and to make these Games the absolute very best experience that we can possibly achieve. I especially wish to thank all those sponsors who have agreed to join us in this national project and look forward to many years of benefits to all involved—but especially to the young people of Barbados and to our very talented athletes.

I wish the Games every success.

Steve R Stoute