The Academy is the educational arm of the Barbados Olympic Association Inc. It features a museum, library and resource centre. The Academy facilitates training for athletes, coaches, managers, and all stakeholders in the sport fraternity.

Programs include:

  • Advanced Sport Management Course
  • Basic Sport Administration Course
  • Caribbean Coaching Certification Course, CCCP.
  • Technical Courses for Coaches

Advanced Sport Management Course

The Advanced Sport Management Course targets members of the executive council of National Federations, or sport volunteers who operate at a management level within sport organizations. It presents a series of six topics or modules over the duration of the course.

Each topic is presented or facilitated by an expert in the topic area, and the class participants are encouraged to interact and share their experiences and knowledge with a view to enriching the total learning experience for everyone.

The course has six modules: Organising an Olympic Sport Organisation; Managing Strategically; Managing Human Resources; Managing Finance; Managing Marketing; and Organising A Major Sport Event.

The Advanced Sport Management Course is offered every two years.

Basic Sports Administration Course

The annual Basic Sports Administration Course for National Federations is hosted by the Barbados Olympic Association Inc (BOA) in conjunction with Olympic Solidarity.

The Basic Sports Administration Course is offered to the National Federations in an effort to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. It addresses many aspects, issues and innovations in sport.

There has been significant changes in the way that sport is administered, managed and marketed, placing new demands on National Federations. The Basic Sport Administration Course is presented annually in an effort to assist in bridging this gap.

Among the range of topics covered in the course are, The Olympic Movement, Government and Sport, The Constitution and Governance of an Association, Preparing a Budget, Managing Finances, Strategic Planning, Organizing a Major Event, and Sport Medicine and Doping Control.

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