Barbados Athletes’ Commission Hosts Inaugural Forum

The Barbados Athletes’ Commission hosted its inaugural athletes’ forum on Saturday May 25, at The Barbados Olympic Centre Inc. in Wildey. The purpose of the forum was to share the Athletes’ Commission strategic plan with representatives from the 37 national federations to get their feedback and perspectives on matters relating to athletes.

“The Athletes’ Commission is unknown to many of our athletes and as a group we felt it was necessary to host a Forum to educate and inform our fellow athletes of who we are, why we are here and where we would like to go,” Chair of the Commission, Anicia Wood told the gathering.

The issues discussed included the IOC’s formation on the Athletes’ Commission, the mission and responsibilities of the Barbados Athletes’ Commission, the strategic plan, and actions to take going forward.  

Some of the recommendations from members included the need for more athlete-specific workshops in the areas of mental health, self-marketing, nutrition and public speaking.  It was also suggested that there is a need for greater communication between the national federations and athletes and that a series of networking events might help in this regard.   

Last October the seven-member Athletes’ Commission was elected by the athletes. The Commission comprises the Chair – Anicia Wood (Volleyball), Former Interim Chair – Martyn Forde (Swimming), Kyle Maxwell (Judo), Tanya Oxley (Track & Field), Sheena Gooding (Track & Field) and Amber Joseph (Cycling).