BOA Announces 50th Anniversary Independence Games

The Barbados Olympic Association (BOA) in association with its affiliate National Sporting Federations will stage the first national multi-sport Games to commemorate Barbados’s 50th Anniversary of Independence.

Chairman of the 50th Anniversary Independence Barbados Olympic Association Games committee, Trevor Browne said during a press conference held on Tuesday October 11 at the BOA in Wildey that they are 22 National Federations scheduled to participate in these much-anticipated games.

Browne explained that the Games are intended to highlight the best of local sport, including athletic talents as well as coaching, administrative and other technical inputs, and the business areas of sport. “A key objective is to provide local fans and supporters with new opportunities to witness our top athletes competing in high-level Games environments,” Browne said.

Among the list of sports will be three international and regional championships featuring boxing, judo and rugby. There will be seven national championship featuring netball, fencing, badminton, archery, swimming, table tennis and surfing. While three national tournaments are also on the cards in golf, cycling and weightlifting.

The prestigious event will commence November 16 with an opening ceremony at the BOA and conclude with the same format of a closing ceremony December 11 at Pirates Cove.