BOA Pays Tribute to Griffith

Original Article Source: Barbados Today

Former treasurer of the Barbados Olympic Association (BOA), John Griffith, was today honoured in a tree-planting ceremony on the grounds of the Olympic Centre on Wednesday.

Griffith, who passed away last year, was the longest-serving president of the Barbados Volleyball Association. He held that position from 1996 to 2018.

He was represented at the ceremony by his widow Carol Griffith and daughter Erica Griffith.

President of the BOA Sandra Osbourne explained that while the tree planting was to raise environmental awareness and highlight the importance of trees to our health and combat global warming, it was also being done to recognize Griffith’s invaluable contribution to sport on the island.

She pointed out that Griffith had helped to lay the foundation for the BOA.

“…As part of the Olympic movement, the BOA is committed to sustainability and we note the example being set by the International Olympic Committee in terms of their sustainability strategy, which covers all aspects of its population, in terms of its business practices, its business travel, its buildings, vehicles for city contracts, while at the same time reaching out to lend assistance to National Olympic Committees such as ourselves, so that we can advance sustainability in our country.”

“Secondly, and by no means least, to recognize the late John Griffith who made a significant mark in sport, especially in volleyball not only at the local level but at the regional, continental and international level, while at the same time serving as the longstanding treasurer of the BOA,” Osbourne said.

“This tree is our small tribute to John and will stand as a living memory to his legacy. May this tree not only bring comfort and shelter to many generations who seek a shelter, but also contribute to a carbon-positive Barbados.”

She said the BOA would be looking to see how it can contribute to climate action and climate change.

The tree planting ceremony was the second event of its kind hosted by the BOA in two years. It follows the tree planting that they did to honour their former vice president, Ralph Johnson.

Also present at the ceremony was president of the Barbados Volleyball Association (BVA) Kenmore Bynoe, General Secretary of the BOA Erskine Simmons and members of the BOA and BVA executive.

Additionally, Osbourne revealed that the BOA was considering developing a park at the Olympic Centre in Wildey, St. Michael.

As the Black Opal tree was being planted, Osborne stood and gestured to the vacant surrounding area and said that when she came to look at the venue earlier she thought it would be a “great area for a park.”

“I see tremendous potential for this area,” Osbourne said.

(Author – Corey Greaves)