The BOA Welcomes the Barbados Cricket Association and Skateboard Association

When President Sandra Osborne officially declared The Barbados Olympic Association Inc.’s (BOA) 2021 General Assembly closed on Wednesday, there were two new National Federations and a new director added to its roster. The meeting, which usually attracts close to 100 persons (two delegates from each of the 37 National Federations and the Barbados Athletes Commission, and BOA directors, employees, and guests) was held virtually on Zoom for the first time due to the most recent Emergency Management (Covid-19) Directive.

The Federations unanimously voted in favor of the membership of the Barbados Cricket Association (BCA) and the Skateboard Association of Barbados. With the membership of the BCA however, the members also ratified a new Funding By-law that makes the BCA ineligible to receive funding from the BOA unless funding is designated specifically for cricket by its international partners. This is because the BCA already receives the same level of lottery and gaming funding as the BOA. President Osborne in welcoming them to the Olympic Movement noted that although the BCA will not receive direct funding, the BOA will facilitate the participation of cricket teams in any Games under the BOA’s authority and the By-law will not affect the other rights or obligations of the BCA as a member of the BOA.

BOA Board Members and National Federation delegates during the 2021 General Assembly.

Representing the BCA, President Conde Riley thanked the members for considering the BCA’s application. He told them that it was a trend for cricket associations to join the National Olympic Committees in their countries given the fact that cricket is being considered at the Olympic level and is already included in the Commonwealth Games. He said that he is proud of the Barbados women’s team which has already qualified for the Commonwealth Games. 

Mr. Adrian Bowen, President of the Skateboard Association of Barbados, also thanked members for their support and said that the skateboarding athletes were delighted to become members of the BOA.  

The BOA also welcomed a new Director who filled a vacant post. President of the Barbados Chess Federation Mr. Allan Herbert was elected unopposed to the board for a one-year term. 

The BOA continues to be in a solid financial position, and Treasurer Orson Simpson noted that a large part of the surplus at the end of the 2020 financial year was the result of National Federations’ inactivity due to the Covid-19 pandemic. He noted that the BOA is committed to assisting National Federations and athletes and has taken the unprecedented step to roll forward into 2021 a significant portion of funds not utilized in 2020. The BOA will also establish a sinking fund to help safeguard the association from economic shocks going forward.