Countdown to Nanjing 2014: The Virtual Torch Relay on its way to Barbados

The virtual torch relay is a new concept created to integrate the diverse and comprehensive use of technology both through the use of computers, tablets, and android and samsung phones capitalizing on the interest youth have for the technology while spreading the message of the youth olympic games through fun interactive games.

This virtual torch relay can be downloaded to any of the above mentioned platforms via google play and the fun begins. The instructions are easy to follow as it allows individuals to create a cartoon image of themselves and use this persona to engage and interact with mascot LeLe. As individuals participate they are awarded badges and are given the opportunity to win phones, tickets and much more fun prices.

The virtual torch relay is scheduled to be in Barbados on the 26th March 2014 for the entire day. Visit google play store and look for the virtual torch relay app for Android devices. Spread the word!!! Have a Yog-tastic day!!!