Going For Gold Promotion

I refer to our previous overtures in connection with the “Going for Gold” scratch ticket programme, initiated by the Barbados Lottery. Those of you who attended our Annual General Assembly would recall that Mr. Denny Brewster of the Barbados Lottery spoke about this programme. He advised that the BOA had agreed to give the federations who purchase books of these tickets, a full 8% commission when they bought directly from the Barbados Lottery. Each book costs $150 and contains 50 tickets at $3.00 each, hence the cost of one book to any national federation would be $138. The individual tickets cost $3.00 each and as explained, this is a great opportunity for federations to raise funds for their various projects and programmes, but at the same time, give their members and supporters a chance to win $20,000. Federations who take advantage of this situation will not only be using the project as a fund raiser but also would be assisting in a tangible way to the 2016 Barbados Olympic Team.

In this turbulent economic environment, fund raising projects are not easy to develop and this could be a unique opportunity for national federations. 

At the Annual General Assembly, some federations inquired what the BOA was doing to raise funds, apart from the lottery revenues. While this programme does involve the lottery, it is a mechanism by which funds can be earned directly by national federations. We are disappointed at the lack of response and if you require any guidance or support, please contact Mr. Denny Brewster at 233-7479. Good luck and best regards.