Independence Games Athlete Profile – Field Hockey Featuring: Kyle Brathwaite

“Without hockey, I don’t know what I’d be doing right now.”

Kyle Brathwaite began playing hockey when he was a student at the Combermere school, and now has his sights set on playing for the Barbados Men’s team, and being a coach.

“I would like to one day represent the senior national team so that I can be proud that I played at the highest level in my country,” he said, “I would also like to make it to the Olympics and youth World Cup, and maybe someday become a certified hockey coach.”

Kyle, who prefers playing attacking midfield, said that his training and effort in hockey had reaped him a few rewards and he was hoping to add more accomplishments to his name. “When I was at Combermere I won Most Goals, and I also won Most Valuable Player. I also recently won the Combermere Old Scholars Men’s National Team award,” he said.

He noted that he strived to be a better person daily, and playing hockey has helped him to achieve that.

“Everyday I tell myself that I want to be a better person. Without hockey I don’t know what I’d be doing right now. It gave me something to do with my time,” he noted, “Sports teaches discipline and takes up a lot of your time.”

He pointed out that one of the reasons he decided to stick with hockey was because of the friendly atmosphere, adding that his team was often a support system for each other. I try to encourage my teammates at practice; I really like my team and would like to see us go far,” Kyle said.

Admitting that he liked drawing and design, kyle said he usually spends his downtime watching football and hockey, reading up on sports, or just hanging out with friends.