Independence Games Athlete Profile – Weightlifting Featuring: Romario Forde

Romario Forde’s friend asked him to try weightlifting. He declined. Couple years later, his friend asked again. He obliged. And because of this friend’s persistence, Romario has now been lifting a little over three years.

“I got introduced to the sport by a friend of mine named Brien Best during my early years at St. Michael Secondary, but I never got the urge to do it,” he said, “Then when I was in sixth form at Combermere he came to me again, and I just gave in and decided that I would give it a try.”

He said initially he found the sport quite difficult but with dedication and encouragement, it quickly became easy. He added that it changed his outlook on life, and that he now looks for the positive in all things. “I’ve gained a different state of mind. My mentality towards certain things have changed. I’ve learned that even though some things might seem impossible, I can make it possible with effort,” Romario said.

He noted that travelling to overseas competitions had really opened his eyes to the potential of the sport, and he was overwhelmed by the amount of support the athletes received from their countrymen. “I’ve recently taken a trip to Malaysia for the Commonwealth Championships, and the experience of seeing the turnout and support for their athletes was amazing,” he said, “That’s what I want for weightlifting in Barbados.”

Romario said he believed that with strenuous training and commitment, it was possible for Barbados to be represented at the 2020 Olympics in weightlifting. “For sure we can have individuals to participate in the 2020 Olympics, as long as we play our cards right we would be ready,” he said, “Though we don’t get as much sponsorship and support; we have each other, faith and the will to succeed. We also have a fantastic coach.”

The Mechanical Engineering student, who currently studies at the Samuel Jackson Prescod Polytechnic, said he was family-oriented and enjoyed spending time with them, noting that he often helped his little sister with home-work and his parents with their work.

He pointed out that he tried to be the best person he could be and would continue to live his life in the right manner. “My philosophy in life is that there is always a right and wrong way to do things. I choose the right way as its results are more likely to give me success, and help me to maintain a positive image amongst my colleagues,” he said.