International Coaching Course (ICC) – Call For Applications

International Coaching Course (ICC)

The ICC is designed to train and educate coaches from around the world. The programme attempts to promote and develop excellence in coaching. The course provides coaches with a systematic way to improve their knowledge and skills in the theoretical, technical and practical aspects of coaching.

The ICC is delivered by the Hungarian University of Sports Science. It is an intensive, concentrated and intermediate level course. The duration of the course is three months. The course content in detail has been carefully selected to meet the needs of coaches working with generally young, developing athletes as well as with advanced athletes of elite sport. Completion of both theory and practical/technical components of the programme is essential. All participants are involved in practical coaching work in the leading Hungarian sport clubs, supervised by the senior lecturer and/or his/her assistants of the particular sport.

The programme includes 120 theoretical and 180 practical teaching hours. Students receive intensive education in Anatomy, Physiology, Sport Psychology, Sport Pedagogy, Sport Sociology, Sport Management, Sport Administration, Sport and Research and Sport Practice. Examinations in the student’s respective sport consist of sports theory and sports practice. The exams may consist of written, oral and/or practical requirements.

The following core sports/disciplines will be offered: Basketball, Fencing, Football, Handball, Judo, Swimming, Tennis, Volleyball, Water-Polo, Wrestling and General Conditioning

Further information is available on the website of the university.