Invitation for Expressions of Interest to Serve on Ethics Commission

The Barbados Olympic Association Inc. (BOA) is seeking to appoint five volunteers for membership of the Ethics Commission established under the BOA Code of Ethics (Code) and is inviting interested persons to indicate their willingness to serve if appointed.

Overview of the Code
The purpose of the Code is to ensure that the BOA’s business is conducted in an ethical and transparent manner. The Code establishes standards of conduct expected of BOA officers, directors, commission and committee members, management, staff, consultants, volunteers and candidates for election (BOA Parties).

Role of Ethics Commission
The Commission’s role is to conduct hearings of alleged breaches of the Code and, if appropriate, to impose sanctions.

Commission members will be appointed for the duration of this quadrennium ending with the Paris Olympics 2024.

Operation of the Commission
Matters involving an alleged breach of the Code will be referred to the Commission by the Chair of the Governance Commission who acts as the Ethics Officer under the Code. Matters will be heard before a panel comprising three of the five Commission members. Virtual hearings may be conducted; no formal rules of evidence will apply and facts may be established by any reliable means. Appeals against decisions may be made to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne Switzerland. The decisions of CAS are final.

Person Specification
Previous experience in adjudicating or arbitrating matters will be an asset but is not a requirement.

Successful applicants will:
…….(1) Be prepared to volunteer their time and expertise, as required, to uphold ethics in Sport.
…….(2) Be independent of the BOA and its members, that is to say:
…………..(a) they are not a BOA Party under the Code,
…………..(b) they are not a member of the executive of one of the national federations affiliated to the BOA;
…………..(c) their personal, family or business interests do not adversely affect the Commission’s independence; or
…………..(d) they are not an immediate family member of any of the above persons.
…….(3) Have suitable experience and qualifications to sit on the Commission and at least two will have a legal background.
…….(4) Uphold the highest standards of integrity.

Application and Appointment Process
Interested persons are asked kindly to submit their applications by email to:

Mr. Steve Stoute, GCM
Chair, Governance Commission
Barbados Olympic Association Inc
Barbados Olympic House
Garfield Sobers Sports Complex
St Michael.

A curriculum vitae and a brief statement indicating why the applicant is interested in being appointed should be included. The Chair of the Governance Commission will make a recommendation to the BOA Board of Directors for appointment of a chair and members of the Commission.