“Leon strikes ‘Gold’ with Going for Gold and The Barbados Lottery!”

Leon Harewood continues to celebrate and count his blessings as the recent Barbados Lottery $20,000 Going for Gold instant scratch ticket game winner.

During a recent visit to The Barbados Lottery retail agent at Jan’s Minimart in Westbury, St. Michael, Harewood purchased two $3 scratch tickets, randomly chosen by the cashier.  This casual purchase resulted in a surprise win with the ‘Going for Gold instant scratch ticket game and “I ran up and down in the factory at work shouting that I had won, but my coworkers didn’t believe me because I had played too many tricks on them before about winning the Lottery,” said Harewood.

Still basking in the excitement of his win, Harewood indicated that with the pending arrival of his second child, this win came at the right time for him and his girlfriend.  “I also plan to pay some bills, spend on the car and have a little drink with friends to celebrate,” he confirmed.

Harewood enjoys playing all of The Barbados Lottery games, with Double Draw being his favourite, but he still likes to try his luck with the various instant scratch ticket games offered.

Shelly Ann Hee Chung, Site Manager at The Barbados Lottery, enthused: “I am delighted for Mr. Harewood. We at The Barbados Lottery warmly congratulate him on his win, not only because he has won the $20,000 prize, but also that with his purchase he has contributed directly to the Barbados Olympic team, as the proceeds of the Going for Gold instant scratch ticket game go directly towards the support and funding of each Barbadian athlete that will participate in the Tokyo Olympic Games.”

Sandra Osborne, President, The Barbados Olympic Association Inc. (BOA) graciously acknowledged that: “We would like to first thank and congratulate Mr. Leon Harewood, the $20,000 winner of the Going for Gold scratch game.  Proceeds raised from the sale of the various Barbados Lottery games are central to the BOA’s ability to fulfil our mandate as a national sporting organisation including encouraging the development of high-performance sport, and sport for all in Barbados. We are therefore very grateful to The Barbados Lottery and all Barbadians who contribute to sport by playing these games.”

Hee Chung also urged more persons to play the Going for Gold instant scratch ticket game, pointing out that: “With the rescheduling of the Tokyo Olympic Games due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been afforded more time to lend additional support to the team. I encourage all Barbadians to purchase at least one Going for Gold instant scratch ticket to assist this worthy cause and to get their chance to win some of the many other top prizes.”  In purchasing the Going for Gold instant scratch ticket game and all other Barbados Lottery games, the proceeds aid the nation’s overall sports development programmes held through the Barbados Cricket Association, The Barbados Olympic Association Inc., Barbados Turf Club and the National Sports Council.

“I will always continue to play The Barbados Lottery games and I won’t give up.  I plan to buy some more Going for Gold tickets so that I can get a chance to win the other top prizes,” declared Harewood.  “As a regular Barbados Lottery player my advice will always be to keep playing, don’t stop!”

Going for Gold is just one of the many instant scratch ticket games offered by The Barbados Lottery.  From as low as $3, customers can scratch and win instant cash and prizes, making dreams come true for thousands of lucky winners.

Featured Image Caption: GOLDEN WIN: Mr. Leon Harewood (3rd left) happily collected his $20,000 cheque for the Gold for Gold Instant Scratch ticket game from (left to right) Mr. Erskine Simmons, Secretary General, The Barbados Olympic Association Inc., Mrs. Shelly Ann Hee Chung, Site Manager, The Barbados Lottery and Mrs. Sandra Osborne, President, The Barbados Olympic Association Inc. during a presentation at The Barbados Lottery, Independence Square Office.