Message From the IOC President for Olympic Day 2023

Dear Olympic friends,

Let’s move!
On Olympic Day, we remember the creation of the Olympic Movement by our founder,
Pierre de Coubertin. He wanted to make the world a better place through sport.
This is why Olympic Day is always the perfect opportunity to get up and move.

When we do sport, it keeps our mind and body strong and healthy.
When we do sport, it inspires us to always give it our best.
When we do sport, it makes us dream, it spreads joy and it brings us together.
When we do sport, we live by our new Olympic motto: Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together.

This is the beauty of sport: it inspires the world to move, and it brings us all together –
as friends and as a community, no matter where we are or how we choose to move.

In this Olympic spirit, I wish you a wonderful Olympic Day celebration, and I say: Let’s move!

Thomas Bach
IOC President