PM Makes Courtesy Call On the BOA

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart recently visited the BOA, touring its museum and having a sit down with President, Steve Stoute, General Secretary, Erskine Simmons and other BOA executive members. The meeting was followed by a press briefing.

The Prime Minister (PM) was very complimentary of the work that the BOA is doing. He said that “Sportsmen of whatever stripe have a critical role to play in a country’s development.” He said that sportsmen like Sir Gary Sobers and Sir Wes Hall have helped to put Barbados on the map internationally.

President Steve Stoute thanked the PM for his visit and said that the BOA looked forward to government’s support especially as it gets set to build a sporting complex to give some of the sporting federations a badly needed home.

Stuart confirmed that he has been having discussions with the Chinese with a view to using some of Barbados’ portion of the US$1.5 billion promised by the President of China for the construction of a new National Stadium. “In the fullness of time, not too long from now, we should have a new national stadium, something of which Barbadians could be proud about,” he said.