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This year, the BOA will be celebrating a number of activities in recognition of Olympic Day 2017. This will include a Fun Day Activity to be held at the Garrison Savannah on June 25. It commences at 2.30 P.M. and will consist of competitive sports challenges between Olympic family teams in four areas. Monetary incentive prizes totalling $10,000 will be at stake, both to the top NFs, and also to the actual successful athletes as detailed below. All teams must be registered before 3.00 PM on the day (and registration can be done beforehand at the BOA office) in order to qualify for prize monies.

Participants’ guidelines – Olympic Fun Day.

For Full Guidelines click here.

The Challenges

1 – o-SMART (Olympic Sprint and Mind Adventurous Racing for Teams) is a kind of treasure hunt which will be conducted using an orienteering map of the Garrison area. Teams will consist of a minimum of three, and a maximum of five athletes and will be required to use the map provided to locate as many checkpoints as they can. Each checkpoint will have a value of five (5) points, and will also have a quiz or other challenge associated with it, based on the theme of local Olympic history, or the historic Garrison area to be completed. Each quiz is worth another five (5) points.

The team accumulates points for each location found and for each correct answer and the exercise lasts for 30 minute. There is a penalty of minus two (2) points for each minute late. The team with the most points accumulated in the time period is declared the winner. Where points are tied, the faster team is declared the winner. Each Olympic family organisation may enter up to three teams.

2 – A 3-K walk will take the form of two laps around the hard walking surface at the Garrison. Teams representing NFs may include any number of walkers, but they must be registered before 3.00 PM on the day in order to qualify for prize money. There will be judges around the track to disqualify competitors who illegally ‘run’ instead of walking.

3 – A 5-K run will take the form of one inner lap and one around the outer perimeter Garrison Road. Again any number of participants may enter, but only pre-registered entrants will qualify for prize money and to contribute points to the NF total.

4 – A Tug-O-War team challenge will be held between 5.00 PM and 6.00PM. Each Olympic family organisation may enter one team in this challenge, and the teams may consists of any number of athletes, however the total body weights of the team cannot exceed 1200 pounds. All teams must be registered by 3.00 pm on the day, and all competing athletes must have been weighed-in by 5.00 PM.

5 – There will also be a fun water balloon challenge for children aged eleven and under.

6 – Photography
All participants are invited to submit photographs of the various Olympic Day events via email for highlighting on the BOA website. The best photos will be featured in a special presentation and viewers will be invited to like their favourites. The winner will be adjudged as the photo receiving the most ‘likes’ by noon on July 15, and the prizes will be announced and awarded on that date

Prizes on Offer

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Click here for the Online Tug-O-War Registration form.

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Olympic Day Run Walk Registration Form 2017 — DOWNLOAD THE REGISTRATION FORM NOW!

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