The Barbados Olympic Association donates to the Barbados Huntsman Games Delegation

The Barbados Association Inc. (BOA) continues to encourage the development of high-performance sport, as well as sports-for-all. This week it demonstrated its commitment in the area of sports-for-all, and “Olympism in action” by coming to the assistance of the Barbados Huntsman Games delegation.

Co-ordinator of the National Senior Games Rawle Clarke, who received the $4000 donation on behalf of the senior game’s delegation, thanked the BOA for understanding the importance of the Games and giving generously.

“We understand the trying economic situation in Barbados and I would like to thank the sponsors who came forward and supported this venture. The Huntsman Games are something we look forward to and this year three members of our delegation will be receiving rings for our dedication to the Games. I know the athletes will do well and I don’t expect anything different than going out there and performing to our highest standard,” said Clarke.

BOA President, Sandra Osborne said that her organisation recognised that the delegation needed help and that sport -for-all is high on the list of priorities for the BOA in its new strategic plan 2018-2024. She also said, “active ageing is very important, and I think the team has been doing a good job, we understand that it is not connected to the Olympic movement directly but at this point we recognise that is still seniors who are actively training for these games and I think it is an important initiative.”

There are 14 athletes representing the island from four sporting disciplines: Basketball, Archery, Track & Field and Cycling. The Huntsman World Senior Games will take place from October 8-20, St. George, Utah.

About Sport-For-All
The IOC has long recognised that it has a significant advocacy role to play in the promotion of sport and physical activity at all levels around the world. This advocacy role has been reflected in the Olympic Agenda 2020 – the strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic Movement – and is part of the “Olympism in action” programmes along with the Olympic Day, Olympic Values and Education, Women in Sport or Peace through Sports programmes for example.