Amber Joseph

Date of birth

December 15, 1999




Amber Joseph is an ardent Barbadian track cyclist who is based in the United Kingdom. Amber moved to the UK in November 2013 to further her education and sporting career. Then a 14-year old, with limited cycling race experience or knowledge, made it difficult to break into the UK ranks, but she did it.

Within 24 months she was ranked 3rd in the UK and she was competing successfully on the track. By 2016, Amber’s love for Barbados was instrumental in her making the decision to ride for Barbados. 

In 2016 and 2017 she won Silver medals in the Junior Pan-American Track Championships Omnium and the following year, she won Gold in the Points race. By the end of 2017, consistent training led to her ranking 3rd in the omnium and points race in the junior world rankings.

Amber is the first Barbadian female track cyclist to compete in the Junior World Track Championships as well as the 2020 World Road Championships.

The 21-year old is on a learning curve and her ultimate goal is to master the Omnium.

She now sets her sights on the Commonwealth Games 2022.

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