Zahra Gaskin

17-year old Zahra Gaskin has been involved in the sport since the age of five. In those early years, she participated in the BFIT Sunday Children’s Events, but it was not until age 12 that she became serious about the sport of Triathlon. 

Zahra  is a member of the Barbados Federation for Island Triathletes (BFIT), the governing body for triathletes on the island. She is also a member of the JEAP Programme, and currently trains with Raiders MultiSport and Marlins Swim Club in Trinidad. She trains every day, twice a day on most days.

She is a Upper 6 student of Bishop Anstey Trinity College East Sixth Form in Trinidad and I am currently pursuing CAPE Unit 2 in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Economics, and Caribbean Studies. When she wants to relax, Zahra s listening to music and reading. 

Zahra is Irish by birth but, lived her early years in Barbados, her father’s native home and now resides in Trinidad, where her mother originates. Apart from sports, Zahra is actively involved in advocacy work. She is a PAHO Youth Advocate for gender equality and adolescent health in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

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