To whom should you report the incident?

  • Should you suffer an accident resulting in injury while playing in an authorized tournament and /or training for competition it must be reported immediately
  • Report it to your Coach, Manager or some other person in a Managerial or Administrative position at your Club or in your Association/Federation
  • If there are no such persons present at the time please contact as soon as possible one of the other officials at your club or in your Association/Federation or some other official who may be present at the facility/ground

What should you do next?

  • Decide whether medical attention is required and if so to which medical facility or medical person you will visit
  • Remember that the treatment should be administered at a Hospital/Medical Clinic/Medical facility or at a Doctor’s Office. You should familiarize yourself with the list of Preferred Medical Persons/Facilities agreed by the BOA. (see attached list)

When do you notify the BOA?

  • You must notify the BOA of the incident as soon as possible and the relevant claim form completed. Every Association and every Federation has a copy of the relevant claim form if not you may obtain one from the BOA or EIB (see attached claim form)
  • Quickly return the fully completed claim form with any supporting documents e.g. receipts, certificates or medical reports to the BOA and/or EIB who will submit it to the Insurance Company

What happens after you return your Claim Form and Documentation?

  • Your claim will be entered into the system and the Insurance Company will review the information supplied and determine how to settle the claim
  • Once the Insurer has received all of the information, medical expenses and related costs incurred by the injured person they will prepare a cheque in the name of the Insured Person
  • Remember there is a Deductible/Excess of $250.00 which means that the first $250.00 has to be paid by the Insured Person. The Insurance Company will pay amounts which exceed that figure.
  • The maximum payment per claim/ injury is $25,000.00 less the $250.00 deductible
  • All settlement cheques will be paid to the Insured Person who was injured in the accident unless otherwise agreed. The Injured Person needs to sign and return the release acknowledging receipt of the cheque.