Steve Stoute GCM – Immediate Past President

Description for this block. Use this space for describing your block. Any text will do. Description for this block. You can use this space for describing your Steve Stoute is the Immediate Past President of the Barbados Olympic Association, Inc., having served in that position from 1996 to 2017.  He is currently Chair of the Barbados NOC’s Administration and Governance Commissions, and a member of the NOC’s Finance Commission.

He is one of the Caribbean’s longest-serving Olympic officials.  He was elected to the helm of the Barbados Olympic Association in 1996, after serving as Secretary General since 1968. His career in sports administration dates back to 1964, when he was appointed General Secretary of the Barbados National Federation for Cycling.

Mr. Stoute was also a member of the National Sports Council of Barbados for a record twenty-one years. He served as Chairman of this organization from 1983 to 1994.

He was the inaugural and founding Chairman of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) and on his resignation in 2016, he was elected Honorary Life President of CANOC.

In 2017, he was appointed President of the Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (CACSO), the world’s oldest multi-sport organization.  He is the only Barbadian to head an international multi-sport organization and was the first and only Anglo to lead CACSO, presiding over the highly successful 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games in Barranquilla, Colombia.  He held this position until October 2019.

During his long tenure in sports administration, Steve has been presented with numerous awards but the three most significant were in 1991, 1997 and 2019. In 1991, on the occasion of Barbados’ 25th Anniversary of Independence, he was conferred with the Silver Crown of Merit, recognizing over 30 years of service to sports and insurance. In May 1997, he was awarded the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Order of Merit, being the first Barbadian and the first individual in the Eastern Caribbean to be so accorded.  In 2019, his national honour was upgraded from a Silver Crown of Merit to a Gold Crown of Merit, again signifying a longstanding contribution to the country of his birth.  He has also received special awards from his alma mater, The Lodge School of Barbados, the Pan Am Sports and was conferred with an Honorary Membership to the Commonwealth Games Federation.
On the corporate business front, Steve R. Stoute, GCM retired from Sagicor Life Inc. after serving 49 years at that institution. Mr. Stoute joined the organization when it was known as The Barbados Mutual Life Assurance Society back in 1960.

In 1968, he was named senior underwriter and in 1972, he was appointed Underwriting Executive and Corporate Secretary. In 1989 he was made Senior Executive Vice President. He has also served as a Director on several subsidiary Boards.   He was primarily responsible for first establishing health insurance programmes in Barbados.  His contributions to enhancing the regional and business insurance communities were multiple.  He was President of the Insurance Association of the Caribbean, its Conference Chair and currently serves as a Director.  He was accorded an Honorary Life Membership to this organization.  He formed the Institute of Caribbean Home Office Underwriters and was a member of the Canadian Institute of Underwriters, the Association of Home Office Underwriters and was the longest serving Vice President of the Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  Mr. Stoute served as Chairman of the AIDS Foundation of Barbados for a period.  He was a regular speaker and contributor at regional and international meetings and served as Vice President of the first, second and third International Underwriting Conferences held in Mexico City in 1997, London, England in 1999 and Geneva, Switzerland in 2001.  He served on a PAHO panel establishing health financing in the Eastern Caribbean.
In a career spanning many decades, he has attended every Olympic Summer Games from 1968 to 2016, with the exception of Moscow in 1980.  He has also been present at every Pan Am Games from 1967 to 2018 and every Central American and Caribbean Games from 1966 to 2018.  He was on hand for one Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver in 2010.

Steve Stoute
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