IOC Programmes

The Olympic Programme Commission has the responsibility of analysing the programme of sports for both the Games of the Olympiad and Olympic Winter Games, and forming proposals for consideration by the IOC Executive Board.

Olympic Agenda 2020 noted that “the Olympic programme is the fundamental core of the Olympic Games as decisions regarding the programme have an impact on virtually all other areas of the Olympic Games and Olympic Movement.”

The responsibilities of the Olympic Programme Commission are to:

  • Develop a programme that maximises the popularity of the Olympic Games while containing costs and complexity;
  • Ensure the Olympic programme remains relevant to young people by ensuring innovation and adapting to modern taste and new trends, while respecting the history and tradition of the sports;
  • Thoroughly evaluate the sports and events in close cooperation with the respective International Federations;
  • Respect the framework and principles outlined in Olympic Agenda 2020 recommendations 9, 10, and 11.

The Olympic Programme Commission is supported by the Sports Department.