The Barbados Motoring Federation is the governing body of motor sport for the country of Barbados. Recognized by the Federation Internationale de l’autombile and the Barbados Government, the BMF represents its 8 member clubs across all disciplines. The BMF is led by its President, Andrew Mallalieu elected by the member clubs every 3 years. The object of the BMF is to develop motor sport and mobility in Barbados.

The Barbados Automobile Association was founded in Barbados in 19xx.  This association is focused on the mobility arm of motoring with particular emphasis on safety.  The second club to be formed was the Barbados Rally Club in 1957.  By the turn of the millennium there were already 6 clubs operating across various disciplines of sport and mobility.  The BRC held the FiA membership from the mid 1970’s. In 2000 all clubs came together to create the Barbados Motoring Federation. Today the Federation enjoys unity amongst its 8 thriving members.