Obadele Thompson – Director

Obadele Thompson is a former athlete who represented Barbados in athletics at all levels of competition, from the junior to senior ranks, regionally and internationally, for over 15 years. He reached the finals at three Olympic Games (1996, 2000, 2004) and won a bronze medal in the 100m at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. He also won a bronze medal in the 100m at the 1998 Commonwealth Games and gold at the 1998 CAC Games, among many other international medals. 

Since retiring in 2009, he has worn many hats, including as a lawyer, consultant, mentor to Barbadian and non-Barbadian athletes in many sports, and a commentator and analyst for major championships. 

He is deeply passionate about seeing Barbadian athletes excel, and wants to use his 30-plus years of involvement in high-level sports in various capacities to help Barbadian athletes and federations perform at their best at major championships.