Centro Caribe Sports Will Have A Seminar On Sports Journalism, Information & Communication Technologies

The Central American and Caribbean Sports Organization (Centro Caribe Sports), in the figure of its president Luis Mejía Oviedo (DOM) and the Education Commission chaired by Eduardo Álvarez Camacho (VEN), who is also the General Secretary of the Organization, as a result of the success obtained in the first Virtual Sports Administration Seminar held in the month of August, which had more than 1000 participants, they took on the task of promoting a new virtual event, this time for communication professionals, social communicators and students or professionals from related careers.

“Centro Caribe Sports is pleased to have a second Sports Seminar through our Education Commission, this time directed at the press”, said Luis Mejia, president of the regional body.

“On this occasion, we want communicators, professionals as well as students, to have a broader knowledge of our organization, of how to communicate the games of the Olympic cycle, such as the history of our Games”, stressed the also member of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Mejia continues by saying that “As president of Centro Caribe Sports, I invite you to this Seminar and I hope to see you next November”, he concludes.

How to Enroll

Click on the link indicated below and follow the corresponding steps, then you will receive a validation email where you will be formally registered.


The Education Commission Chaired by Álvarez Camacho Secretary General of Centro Caribe Sports, promotes a new virtual contact for the month of November, the 1st Seminar on Sports Journalism, Information and Communication Technologies, which will be held on 10, 11 and 12 of November.

“It is of the utmost importance for us to be able to keep all the communicators in the world updated with the different communication tools that have been born as a result of current needs. The presence of regional sports organizations, which day by day innovate in their communications, are important so that each registered participant can improve the way they form and maintain stable contacts and inform and communicate in times of pandemic; in addition to these experiences, tools, tips, structures among many other things that will be addressed in the seminar and will be endorsed by the organization that will serve each participant towards their professional growth in their curriculum sheet. Training is a key factor for individuals who have short, medium or long-term projects, for this reason it is our main objective to be able to provide them with the information” highlighted Álvarez.

This Seminar opens its registration process next Tuesday, November 3rd, a total of 1000 places are available and the connection will be through the ZOOM platform and the organization’s YouTube channel. It should be noted that despite the transmission on our YouTube channel being public, if you do not complete the respective registration process, you will not be able to opt for your international certificate.

Structure of the Seminar

There will be three days of information regarding social communication highlighting the sports world, starting from November 10 with presentations dedicated to the different communication tools: Printed material, Radio, TV, Web Portal, Social Networks and Digital Media, culminating on the 13th with the representatives of the Regional Organizations.

An information and communication technologies sports journalism seminar where sports organizations in the region such as Panam Sports, ODESUR, ODEBO and the event organizer, Centro Caribe Sports, together with all international speakers and special guests will share experiences and knowledge with all seminar participants.

This seminar will grant each registered participant, who complies with their respective hours, a certificate of International value for their participation. The structure of the presentations is attached along with this informative note.