The Barbados Olympic Association Inc. celebrates International Day​ of Sport for Development and Peace

The Barbados Olympic Association Inc. (BOA) will celebrate the sixth International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) on April 6. A press conference was held last Thursday to mark this occasion at the BOA Headquarters in Wildey yesterday morning.

The BOA will again partner with sponsors UNICEF, the U.S. Embassy, the Barbados Lottery and 16 community groups to celebrate this year’s IDSDP, as part of its vision and mandate to endorse programs, which use sport as an enabler for social development in the empowerment of our youth, individuals and communities.

BOA Secretary General & Chairman of the Sport for all Commission Erskine Simmons

Chairman of the Sport for all Commission Erskine Simmons spoke about the significance of IDSDP, the event program and the values of sports to foster peace and development within communities. “It is part of our vision and our mandate not only to support the international committee strategies, but also to use sport as a mechanism for empowering the youth, individuals and communities enhancing gender equality and also promoting social development.”

“This year the rally will include Under 15 football, track and field dominoes, taekwondo and road tennis. The objectives of this initiative are to encourage and promote the benefits of physical activity within communities, develop the sporting talents of our youth using sports as an opportunity to teach corporation and conflict resolution skills and to create a sense of understanding and appreciation for the hard work needed to be a holistic athlete” he added.

Brand and Public Relations Manager at the Barbados Lottery, Kellee King-Campbell

During the press conference the Barbados Lottery donated equipment, which will be used during the workshop, community leaders conference as well as the multi-sport rally. Brand and Public Relations Manager at the Barbados Lottery, Kellee King-Campbell, expressed enthusiasm about the participation and sponsorship of the IDSDP. “Values of sport like tolerance, fairness, teamwork and mutual respect all serve as a necessary catalyst for social change, human development and collaboration, which the Barbados Lottery strives to uphold with its associates and beneficiaries with the BOA.”

She continued, “As partners in this initiative, we enthusiastically endeavor to contribute and participate along with all other stakeholders and community beneficiaries in the various activities planned and leading up to the official day.”

U.S. Embassy Deputy Public Affairs Officer, Michael Carter

U.S. Embassy Deputy Public Affairs Officer, Michael Carter, expressed similar sentiments, “We recognise that participation in sport teaches young people leadership, teamwork and communication skills, which are important in molding them into well-rounded and productive individuals. A top priority for the U.S. Embassy is to support sport development in the region, in order to do that, one part of our effort is to help enhance personal and professional development opportunities targeting young people. Our participation in this event is a major part of that effort here in Barbados.”

The day will be celebrated with three events – on April 2, a youth outreach educational workshop held at the BOA headquarters followed by a Community Leaders Conference on April 4. The main event is a multi-sport rally to be held on April 6 at White Hall playing field, St. Peter.

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