Tribute to Juliet Cumberbatch from BOA Immediate Past President, Steve Stoute, GCM

The sporting fraternity of Barbados and indeed I was devastated to learn of the recent very sudden and untimely passing of Juliet Cumberbatch, the Senior Accountant of the National Sports Council (NSC).

I first met Juliet in 1980 when she joined the staff of the National Sports Council as Accountant. As a board member who voted to employ this lady, I was impressed from outset with her technical knowledge and quiet dedication to fulfilling her duties.  She was a very efficient person and it did not take her long working under then Director of Sport, Alvin Burgess, to streamline the accounting systems of the National Sports Council, where there had been deficiencies for a number of years.  On the retirement of yet another stalwart, Phyllis Redman, Juliet was appointed Senior Accountant and with my elevation to Chairman in 1984, I found her support, counsel and guidance invaluable. Indeed, she manifested a quiet efficiency that permeated the administration of the NSC.

I was to work closely with Juliet until I resigned from the NSC in 1991. It was a tearful goodbye for both of us as she indicated to me that in her mind, I would always to be “her Chairman”. With my departure from the NSC, even though we did not see each other as frequently as in the past, when we did meet, we were able to reminisce on the trials, tribulations and the high points of our work together.

I know that her passing will have created a void, not only in the daily administration of the NSC but a deep chasm in the hearts and minds of the many people, both of NSC staff and the sporting community with whom she interfaced.

I will always remember her, may she rest in peace.