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WADA Talks With Dick Pound

WADA Talks sits down with Dick Pound, Founding President of WADA, to discuss the current state of anti-doping, his hopes for the Agency, as well as his no holds barred approach to the fight against doping.

WADA Talks With Frankie Andreu

WADA Talks with Frankie Andreu, former United States Postal Service team cyclist and whistleblower in the Lance Armstrong case. Frankie Andreu is also the husband of WADA Play True Champion Betsy Andreu, who urged him to come clean about his…

WADA Talks With Beckie Scott

WADA Talks sat down with Beckie Scott, Olympic Gold-Medallist and Chair of WADA’s Athlete Committee to discuss the challenges of competing as a clean athlete and why she chose to personally take on the fight to protect clean sport.